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Love her!

Carey came to my house to help me and was amazing!! My closet was a disaster in the beginning and after she left it we spotless! If I ever have a friend who needs help I will let them know who to go to!! :)

Tracy Bishop

My anxiety is gone!

Carey and Adam could not have been more charming or professional. They handled my anxiety with charm and got me through the process. Thanks!


Thank you Carey!

This business is one of my discoveries of last month and I am certainly keeping it in mind for my friends and family. My experiences with Carey were one of the most satisfying. She was professional and pleasant to work with. She was a problem solver with great ideas and suggestions. Most important: she was honest in her approach to work.

Thank you Carey for making moving experience positive!

Shorena Alexander

Carey gave me Sanity!!

I recently had Carey’s Closet cleaning organize my closets and I am so happy. She really is wonderful and so good at what she does. I feel so organized and happy now. It is so nice to be able to see what I have in my closet and it is easier to find outfits. I would definitely recommend Carey’s Closet Cleaning.

Thanks Carey!!


I love my apartment again!!!

Ever move into a new place and decorate it perfectly and love coming home? Then years later it has become so cluttered and overwhelmingly messy that you want to move just to start all over again… Well, don’t move – call Carey! She came and purged my closets and drawers; finding the right space for shoes, purses, luggage, (I even have a scarf drawer). The process was hassle free. I just told her what to keep and what to take away. She did all the organizing and made sure that I was comfortable with the rearrangements. She and her husband, Adam, hauled out all the junk and I never had to lift a finger.

It feels like a brand new place. I could stare into my closets all day.

Thanks, Carey! This is the start of a new, clutter-free life for me. :-)


Worth every penny!

I have avoided cleaning out my closet for YEARS and even when help was offered I refused it. Carey was so compassionate and understanding that I finally was brave enough to hire her and get some help!

I was so impressed when the day finally came to clean out my closet! Carey and Adam were efficient yet patient, and provided guidance without being pushy or judgmental. We got rid of SIX bags of clothing and the entire time she was reorganizing my closet. Today I can FIND things and I feel confident that I can maintain this level of organization.

Beyond that, Carey helped me make better use of my shelf space which I was really struggling with. She also took a skirt, that I loved but was stained, HOME with her to tie dye! She had it back to me a week later and it’s now my favorite skirt! It’s one thing to do a good job but she went the extra mile!

I also felt much more confident after the experience with Carey that ever since I’ve been able to go through different things in my house and re-organize or toss things. Since I just moved, this has been a life saver!

I would recommend Carey’s Closet Cleaning for a range of tasks…she is so capable, personable, and warm that it’s clear to me she could help with almost any organizational task around the house. In hindsight I can’t believe I hesitated…don’t put it off, call her today!

Kaley Zeitouni

I can actually see my clothes now!!!

Thank G-d for Carey! I can finally get dressed in less then 5 mins. Carey came and cleaned out 3 closets in my apartment. Stress free! not only did she clean and organize my shoes, purses and clothing she also donated all the things i no longer wear. in the next week I received a tax deduction slip for my donated goods. my hallway closet now needs some help. I’m going to give her a call again!


Clean closets and clear mind!!

Carey, you’re an organizational goddess! After you reorganized my closets in both my bedroom and living room, I was inspired to sell things on Craigslist that were sitting around and collecting dust. It was just one of the things on my To-Do-List that you made for me after cleaning my closets! My junk drawers are now delightfully cleared of clutter. You were fun to work with and you really motivated me to clear out more then the physical mess in my home. I am finding my new path in life with MENTAL clarity as well! It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and i can now relax! Thank you for starting my new year off right!


Carey to the rescue!

Carey changed my life! I am not exaggerating! First of all, I live 45 minutes outside of LA, with my parents. My stuff was taking over my entire room, my closet, the hallway leading to my room, and half of our garage. It was out of control and due to some recent house renovations, it was even more out of control, with boxes of stuff all over the place. I was so overwhelmed and saw no end in sight! I tried to tackle it in small stages to no avail. I heard about Carey through a mutual friend and after months of thinking about it and drowning deeper and deeper in stuff…not to mention driving my family crazy…I contacted her and set up the appointment. It turned out to be scheduled on my birthday weekend and thought that this was the perfect birthday present to myself, and to my family. Carey and Adam came all the way out here and were at my house for over 8 hours!!! They were vigilant, they were patient, they were supportive. Even when I had a break down…ok a couple break downs… they got me through it. I felt that Carey had a vision and she helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is NO way I could’ve done this without her and Adam! My room had become so out of control, I was miserable to be in it, I avoided it. But now I LOVE it! I love being in here! Thank you, SO much Carey, for truly making a difference in my life (and my family thanks you too!)!!!


Carey’s Closet Cleaning changed my life!

Carey’s closet cleaning changed my life! Ok I know that sounds like an overstatement but its true! My room used to be my oasis and then it got so out of control that I stayed away until I had to go to sleep. Carey came in and in one day changed my room from a mess to the best! Lol. But seriously, now everything has a place and has stayed organized even months later! Thanks Carey!


OMG!!! It’s like I have a new closet!!!

OMG!!! It’s like I have a new closet!!! For the most part I am pretty organized and clean, the problem was I had too much crap and didn’t know what to get rid of. I was afraid to get rid of things…What if i needed it for something? What if I missed them? So with Carey’s help I was able to get rid of a lot of things, even my Juicy jumpsuits! They were like part of my family I kept some, but I didn’t need 20. My closet was PACKED unable to hang, organize, or even attempt to rearrange clothes. Now when I go into my closet I feel an sense of accomplishment. I finally tackled my damn closet!!….but I could not have done it without Carey’s help. I know that one day I would have got around to it, but there is NO way I would have got rid of the things that I NEEDED to get rid of. I can’t thank her enough. Now I just need her come back and help me with the rest of my house What do ya think Carey??


No more mess!

Carey did a great job with my closet! I had years of clothes, books, bags, and shoes shoved into a crammed closet and she fixed it all. It wasn’t an easy job, but her patience, motivation and positive attitude made what seamed to be a monster of a task actually bearable! She’s fast and incredibly sweet and I would highly recommend her to completely transform your closet into a conveniently organized work of art.


Carey washed my worries away

Carey did an awesome job at organizing my closet and dresser drawers! She make it so easy. All I had to do was sit and say yes or no to the clothes and shoes I did or didn’t want to keep. The best part was that she took all of my unwanted items with her and donated them. No hassle on my end. She was very efficient and was able to get it done in under 2 hours. It felt great afterwards to have organization back in closet. It makes it so much easier to get ready in the morning. Next time I need things organized whether it’s my closet, kitchen or garage Carey will be the girl for the job!


You MUST call Carey!

AAAMMAAZZIINNGGGG!!!!!! Ladies you NEED Carey’s Closet Cleaning service!!!!! No matter how well you think you’ve got your closet figured out, Careys magic touch and vision will create your dream closet no matter how small or dysfunctional! I was referred to Carey through a friend and thought “why not?” So GLAD I did! I love my new and improved closet! It is organized, functional, and makes me feel like a princess everytime I step in. It is catered to me and my wardrobe needs! My closet is so sacred and special to me now, It used to be a place that overwhelmed me so I’d grab what was easiest. Not anymore, this new change and inspiration has made me want to start wearing my more stylish clothes and feel good about getting ready for the day. I know it sounds silly, but it has truly changed my life! Okay I haven’t even started on how AMAZING CAREY IS! She is kind, sweet, strong, sassy, down to earth and Genius! You like want her to be your bestie after spending a couple hours with her! She genuinely cares about what you want, what’s going to be best for you, and how you feel during the exciting yet sometimes emotional changes. Bottom line, if your considering this service, stop considering and CALL CAREY! You will NOT REGRET IT!!!!! Everyone I’ve referred to her has been amazed! I love Careys Closet Cleaning! Thank you for my dream closet Carey!!!


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