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Service Agreement

  • CAREY’S CLOSET CLEANING, and/or any representative of Carey’s Closet Cleaning (hereafter referred to as “CCC”) and (hereafter to as the “Client”).

    WHEREAS, both parties desire to enter into a business relationship and CCC desires to provide organizational and cleaning services for the Client;

    WHEREAS, the Client desires to receive such services;

    LET IT BE KNOWN, in consideration of the mutual premises contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of the aforementioned are hereby acknowledged and both CCC and the Client further agree as follows:

    I) Confidentiality and Privacy Statement

    1. All information furnished or supplied by the Client to CCC during the course of discussions and/or rendering of services regarding the Client’s cleanliness, hygiene habits, or personal belongings, whether or not in writing, including, but not limited to, all information of a private, secret or confidential nature concerning the Client’s personal affairs, shall be treated as confidential information and shall not be disclosed to any other individual or entity or used for any purposes other than those set forth above that have not first been authorized by the Client.

    II) Third Party Information

    1. It is the obligation of CCC not to disclose or to use information, materials and/or tangible property such as video, photo, or audio media involving the Client and/or their dwelling in order to promote the services of CCC unless explicit authorization is given to CCC by the Client to do so.

    2. If such authorization is given to CCC by the Client, CCC therefore has the clear approval, permission, and endorsement of the Client to use aforementioned material in Section 2 Paragraph 1 for social networking (including, but not limited to FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube), future business ventures, website promotion, catch phrases, slogans, or any such replication and/or reproduction seen fit by CCC to enhance, improve, and/or promote CCC.

    III) Payment Structure and Fee Schedule

    1. CCC offers its services to the Client for a flat rate fee for a minimum time of 2 (two) hours in the amount of $200. Whether the Client and CCC use the entire 2 (two) hours or only a portion of it, the initial price is the same.

    2. Should the initial 2 (two) hours expire and the Client wishes to extend the services of CCC, the fee is then $50 per hour for the remainder of the day.

    3. Upon scheduling an appointment with CCC the Client will be charged the initial $200 fee for the first 2 (two) hours upfront which is to be paid via PayPal in order to secure the day and time agreed upon by the Client and CCC.

    4. At no point will the services of CCC be prorated or discounted for a partial hour or partial time if either the initial 2 (two) hours or any additional time is added to complete a job with the Client.

    IV) No Refund Policy

    1. Once an appointment is set and confirmed between both CCC and the Client, and the initial fee of $200 for 2 (two) hours is processed, there is not to be a refund if for any reason the Client finds it necessary to cancel their appointment.

    2. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify CCC at least 24 hours before their scheduled appointment in order to be able to reschedule without penalty or loss of their deposit.

    3. Should the Client be unable to keep their original appointment day and time, CCC will allow the Client to reschedule another appointment within 60 days of the original appointment without penalty or additional fee.

    4. Should the Client be unable to reschedule an appointment within the aforementioned 60 days from their original scheduled date, the Client therefore forfeits their deposit and must pay another $200 fee to secure a new appointment.

    V) Damages

    1. Once CCC has stepped foot on the Client’s property, at no point in time during the rendering of services will CCC ever, in any way, be held responsible for damages which occur to the Client’s home, apartment, dwelling, office, or establishment, including but not limited to, the Client’s flooring, walls, closet shelving, furniture or the like, or bodily injury which the Client themselves may sustain.

    VI) Change Of Heart Policy and Transfer of Ownership

    1. During the rendering of services by CCC, once the Client agrees to no longer want to keep an item or article of clothing which belongs to them, the Client agrees to fully and completely transfer ownership of the item or article of clothing to CCC.

    2. The Client has the full authority and discretion to change their mind and keep the item until and only up to the time CCC has left the Client’s property. Once CCC has possession of the item or article of clothing, it is known and understood to be in the full and complete ownership of CCC.

    3. At no point after CCC has left the Client’s property may the Client have a change of heart and demand or ask for the item or article of clothing to be returned.

    VII) Donation of Items and Clothing For Tax Deductions

    1. Once CCC has left the Client’s property, CCC has full and complete ownership of the items and property agreed upon by the Client to be given to CCC in accordance with Section VI Paragraphs 1-3.

    2. CCC will deliver the items and articles of clothing which are to be donated to a non-profit organization which is credentialed with the Federal Government as 501(c)(3).

    3. Those items which CCC donates to a non-profit organization will be priced, and a form indicating the approximate value of the donated items will be sent to the Client within 30 days of the Client’s appointment with CCC to be used at the will of the Client for tax deduction purposes.

    By entering your full name at the top of this Service Agreement and submitting the form and signing below, you are hereby agreeing to and accepting the terms and conditions of CCC.

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