Carey's Closet Cleaning


I am known for my superb cleanliness and organizational skills. As a child, I fondly remember not only the joy of shopping but the satisfaction that I received from creating space for those new things.

Even though I wasn’t old enough to do my own laundry, my favorite part of the process was putting it away! It had become a gratifying activity that I looked forward to.

Most families do “Spring Cleaning” once a year, but for me, it applies year ’round!

As time went on, friends and family took notice of my forté and knack for organization. It had become a continuous and fun hobby for me to assist them as well.

I am now extending my passion to provide my services beyond friends and family.

I want to help everyone get organized. It is a liberating feeling to open your organized closet everyday!

Cleaning and organizing your closet will also clear your mind! You won’t dread coming home to a mess!

I’ll show you organization skills and teach you ways to prevent old habits.

Are you ready?

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